Protect your crops from chilly winds, frost and hail or use as complete shade for warmth and protection from the hot sun with the aid of a crop cover.

Your Best Crop Cloth Supplier

Protect your crops with the best covers available.

EyouAgro manufacture row crop covers from durable 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric with UV inhibitors.

  • High-quality, environmentally friendly
  • 簡単なインストール
  • Good light transmission, high optical transparency, good air permeability
  • Anti-UV, prevent diseases and achieve the effect of shading when needed and retaining the radiation when needed
  • Protect crops from frost during winter
  • Prevent leafing in warm season, reduce evaporation and improve crop growth


全般 アプリケーション For Crop Covers

Our row crop covers are used for a very wide range of applications including environmental mitigation, weed control and suppression, erosion control, frost protection, insect prevention and many other forms of soil conservation.

全般 売れ筋 製品
Crop Covers Provide a Healthier and More Productive Crop.

Find the rights Crop Covers below for your fields; All of our products are provided with up to 5 years warranty.


EyouAgro shade net is the best way to provide protection against sunlight and improve crop yield. Our shade nets are easy to install. Shade from EyouAgro gives you 10-90% shade depending on which one you choose. They are light and portable, and will protect your crop from sun and wind damage. They reduce water evaporation and keep soil temperature lower than surrounding areas. Plus, they provide an ideal environment for your crops by blocking off harmful UV rays that can seriously damage their growth.


Protect your crops and property from birds with this premium quality Commercial grade Bird Netting. Eyouagro’s heavy duty netting is UV resistant, the strong seams are knotless for extra long-term durability, and it provides excellent UV protection for year-round use. To ensure that the color stays true, our netting is treated before the final weaving process, which then lays flat and keeps its shape.


The Hail Netting comes in various sizes and is used by the farmers to protect the crops from the damaging effects of hail. It also protects sensitive plants during sudden temperature changes, wind gusts and pesticides sprays. In addition, it shields vulnerable crops from high winds. The different sizes available allow for you to make quick adjustments to your system and fit your crop.


EyouAgro vineyard side netting is a set of netting used to cover arbors or vines. The main purpose is to hang on the wires and protect the fruit, berries or grapes from the pests. It is an excellent method of protecting crops. There are many types of nets available. We offer square nets and triangular nets in different sizes as well as many colours. Our nets are made of strong wire and they are highly durable as well as flexible so that they can be easily adjusted and fitted onto any size area or object.


Eyouagro is a promising agriculture product which is used to provide protection and also helps improving the quality of fruits, vegetables and plants. High-quality polyethylene wind break netting is useful in preventing outdoor crops from wind and other weather conditions that could harm the plant. It has been extensively used in many industries such as installations in greenhouses for growing plants, best for protecting vegetable gardens, orchards and others.


Cherry covers are made out of HD polyethylene material.This material is perfect to be easily molded, thus it protects cherry branches from rain damages.Fruit cracking is the main problem that small-scale cherry growers face in the rainy seasons especially during but also prior to the harvest. Proper use of a cherry rain cover can give you an advantage over other people who don’t use such covers.

EyouAgroは Crop Cover Manufacturer 中国インチ
私たちは生産することができます シェードネッティング、バードネッティング、ヘイルネッティング あなたのorcahrdまたはブドウ園のために。
あなたが探しているかどうかに関係なく 卸売業者 または必要な場合 カスタムメイド Crop Covers , 私たちは皆助けることができます。




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ブリーフ 自己推薦、 なぜEyouAgroを選ぶのですか?


Reliable Crop Covers Manufacturer in China


EyouAgro has a significant Crop Cover cloth manufacturing capability.

  • によって認定 ISO9001、REACH、Rohs、SGS 認証。
  • 自動化されたラッシェルの生産ラインは、10,000日あたりXNUMX平方メートル以上を作成します。
  • 直接製造、大規模生産、十分に訓練された労働者。

Whether you need Crop Cover Cloth or need to custom any netting products.

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It is one of the top choice brands for your crop cover cloth needs.

EyouAgro is a famous top 3 brand of Raschel fabric manufactured in China.

We have 25 years of raschel fabric manufacturing. We have an 8,000 square meters factory and our products come with an 8-year warranty.

We are ready to provide service to all customers with specific needs.

Just send us the details of your specific needs by email or phone.

We will check if we can develop them.

We are developing models and new samples every month and some of them may not be updated on our website.

Also, you can share your samples and we can develop the models for you.

We are both a manufacturer and an export trading company.

We are a professional manufacturer founded in 1996.  We have more than 25 years of production and export experience on row crop covers such as shade cloth, bird netting, insect netting, and so on.


We will send you samples to gauge the performance and quality.

We are sure that once you get it, you will be happy.

Besides our excellent service and competitive price, you will like it.

We believe that you will make an order and we will be your top choice.

We can ship in small batches by express, air, or ship to save on costs.

You can use your designated shipping agent or our forwarders.

Our shipping schedule is as follows:

  • 3- 5 days by express to your doorstep

  • 2 - 5 days by air to your nearest airport

  • 20 - 30 days to your seaport

We are located in one of the developed seaports in Shanghai, China. You can be assured of the most convenient sea transport.

If we have ready stock of the item you need, we can send it to you within 3 working days.

This is after confirming a deposit or full payment into our bank account.

If we do not have ready stock, the delivery date can depend on the products. Approximately,  it will take one to four weeks.

Once you settle on crop cover ideal for your farm, We’ll send you the proforma invoice.

Ensure you use bank details shown in the Proforma invoice

You can pay through bank transfer, PayPal, or Western Union.

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  • インストール
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良好な微気候は植物をより健康でより強くします。 より少ない化学処理が必要です。 植物はそのエネルギーを結実させることができます。


理想的な栽培条件は、植物の光合成を増加させ、それによってポリフェノールを生成します。 ポリフェノールの増加は、 より安全で健康的な食品、人間のより良い健康。




顧客のアイデアからのワンストップサービス、サンプリング、テスト、生産、小包配達、およびアフターサービス。 農業問題のソリューションファインダー





お手伝いしましょうか ?

ネットファスニングクリップは、クリップの革新的なコンセプトです。 列の中央にサイドネットを固定するのに最適なソリューションです。 

50 /バッグ・1000 /ケース


ネットファスニングクリップは、クリップの革新的なコンセプトです。 列の中央にサイドネットを固定するのに最適なソリューションです。 

50 /バッグ・1000 /ケース



100 /バッグ・2000 /ケース


ネットファスニングクリップは、クリップの革新的なコンセプトです。 列の中央にサイドネットを固定するのに最適なソリューションです。 

50 /バッグ・1000 /ケース


Winter Fixは耐久性のあるナイロンクリップで、冬のセキュリティファスナーやサイドネットの収集に最適です。 

100 /バッグ・1200 /ケース

Eyouagro Agrotextile 3
Crop Row Cover

Your investment in crops through fertile soil, fertilizers, and monitoring is huge. Of course to ensure your crops are growing healthy.

But the uncertainty of harsh climate, insects, frosts, or diseases looms large severely restricting your crop production.

So protecting your crops can prevent losses from harsh weather and pests resulting in more rapid growth, early maturity, and increased yields.

This is where Eyouagro crop covers come in.


What is a Crop Cover?

Row crop covers are flexible fabric used to protect your crops against cold and wind, stop insects, and prevent soil and your crop from overheating.

Crop covers are made from lightweight high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is strong, with a life of eight years. It allows airflow, rain, and water to pass through.

What are the Different Types of Crop Covers?

crop cover comes in two different types:

  • Polyethrene and porous

  • Floating nonwoven materials

There are however many variations of each type and new materials and models are being developed

The polyethylene crop covers are cloured or clear and installed over wire hoops. The clear covers allow earlier planting dates resulting in 2 to 3 weeks earliness. In other cases, they result in increased yields.

The floating crop cover cloth is made from polyester or polypropylene and is nonwoven.

floating covers can be placed directly on the plant without supporting hoops.

Why is Row Cover Cloth Important?

You need the crop cover if:

  1. Your  region is experiencing summer-like  extreme events

  2. You are farming lettuce or other vegetables that are sensitive to light

  3. There are markets for high-quality agricultural  products

  4. You want to reduce bird and insects damage

What is the Importance of Crop Cover?

You need all the help you can get to enable you to cultivate high-quality crops that result in increased yields. crop covers:

  • Protect your crops from wind and cold

  • Prevent insects hence reducing the spread of diseases

  • Keep your crops and soil from overheating

  • Retaining heat radiating from the ground at night

  • Helping extend the growing seasons

Crop Cover Cloth Applications/ Uses

If you are protecting your plants from hot summer and make them grow healthy, knitted monofilaments is a better choice due to their life expectancy, functionalities, and easy installation

If protecting your garden from sunshine, knitted tape cloth is a good choice because of its multiple color and decoration

If you want to use one in the advanced greenhouse, aluminate  shade cloth will be a better choice due to the controlled shading ratio and excellent effects

4 Steps on How to Choose Your Row Crop Cover for Your Projects

The crop cover comes in various shade densities and sizes. To determine the one appropriate for you, consider the following factors:

Step 1: Buy from a reputable supplier and manufacturer?

You can order online from tested brands like EYouAgro.If you are a local client, you can visit the manufacturing site and make your purchases. You can インポート if you are an international client

Step 2: What is the weight of the crop cover?

Always be keen to check the weight listed in grams per square meter.  The material used in floating covers is many millimeters thick and available in roles of various width indicators of the durability of your Netting.

Step 3: Check whether your crop cover is UV stabilized?

Look whether your crop cover cloth is UV stabilized. If your crop cover cloth is not UV treated, it may not withstand harsh weather and will degrade within a short time

Step 4: What shade rate you require for your crops

Studies show 25 to 55% shade is good for your plants. For some shade-tolerant plants like orchards like 70% shade.  Are you planting roses strawberries, gooseberries tomatoes go for 30%, foliage plants like 50%, and Indoor plants at 80%.

How to Install Row Cover?

Installation rows covers vary depending on crop and what a grower like There are 2 main ways

  • Directly over crops

  • Use support frames

Follow the following steps to install your row crop covers:

Step 1: Place your fabric directly on crops.

This applied without hoops because of their lightweight. Just apply by hand or modified mulch laying machine. ensure the cover is laid loosely over the row. you can use windbreaks to prevent crop abrasion of young crops in the case of areas with strong winds.

Step 2: Use hoops for larger crops

Use support hoops for your larger transplants, such as peppers or tomatoes, or when covering maturing crops later in the season.

The hoops are placed at intervals of 5 to 7 feet apart.

Ensure your hoops are deep enough in the soil to make a cover that is 15-16 inches high at the center.

Dig wooden stakes of 1x1x30 inches into the ground at intervals. Lastly staple 10 to 25 ft 16 gauge wire  to the top of stakes

Step 3: Do not stretch if you lay it over the soil

If you lay the row cover directly on the soil, do not stretch the material tight. Leave some slack in the center to allow for expansion as the plants develop. As the crop grows, it will push the cover-up.

Step 4: Mold soil over the edges

Mound soil over the edges of the fabric to keep the cover in place or, fold the edges under 3″ and anchor it with staples by pushing them through the fabric and into the soil.

Step 5: Pull the cover tight over hoops

If you are using support hoops, be sure to pull the cover taut over the hoops and bury the edges well to keep the fabric secure during windy days. You can also clip the fabric to the hoops with clothespins if the wind is a problem

Step 6: Remove or pull back the cover for management

Seedlings should be monitored for moisture and fertilizer needs. Pull back or remove your cover for thinning or weeding practices.

Step 7: Monitor your crop

As the weather warms up, check your plants to make sure they’re not overheating. This is especially important when it comes to cool-weather plants, such as lettuce and broccoli. Remove the cover if you see signs of overheating, such as wilting, leaf damage, and/or blossom drop.

Step 8: Remove from the beds

Once your seedlings have adapted to the outdoors and the threat of frost has passed, you may remove the cover.

Step 9: Make use of the accessories

To ease your work a アクセサリーの範囲 など フィクサー 影響により コネクタ. These are easy and quick to install produced from top-quality plastics.

7 Tips for Crop Cover Cloth


  1. Apply and remove covers at the right time. Tailor the row cover material to the crop, time of the season, and environmental conditions.

  2. For crops requiring pollination such as peas, strawberries, beans, pumpkins, and squash remove or temporarily lift the net when starting flowering

  3. Insect protection may be harbored if when you cover they already eggs on the ground.

  4. supported cover over plants by hoops or another type of support to maintain good air circulation around your crops.

  5. Reuse the row cover net.

  6. Lay pieces of fabric over newly seeded lawns to prevent erosion of seed and soil.

  7. Place covers under bark mulch or soil to act as a weed barrier.

  8. cover your favorite flowering annuals during cold fall nights to extend the growing season.

  9. Ensure you buy your crop cover from a recognized and dependable manufacturer, such as EyouAgro


  1. インストール手順を急いで実行しないでください。

  2. To lengthen the life reuse

  3. Dry before sorting

  4. Peg it to the ground in windy days.

  5. ネットファーミングを使用していない場合は、乾燥していることを確認し、乾燥した場所に保管してください。

  6. Though your crop covers serve the intended purpose, don’t expect them to last forever.

  7. The crop cover cloth will deteriorate over time. You should be prepared for ongoing upkeep if you want long-term results.


Crops face problems of harsh weather and plants preventing you from reaping maximum yield.

Use crop covers to shield your crops from extreme weather conditions and give them a chance to grow healthier and faster so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

あなたは訪問することを歓迎します www.eyouagro.com またはでお問い合わせください [メール保護] and select the best row crop cover for your farm.**

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